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Terms of use

Yes. You can download and use my pictures free of charge. Even for commercial purposes. The only limitation - it should be legal and it should not abuse other people. 

The idea of free software, free content and free mind if something what I like and support. 

I use free Opensource software where it is possible and applicable. In the same time I have nothing against the proprietary software. I understand artists, who need to get money from their work and who can not share their works free.  

Some reasons why I decided to share my images free

  1. I like when you like it. I have friends and relatives, who like my works. I wouldn't take money from them.
  2. I understand that I'm not Van Gogh. Vincent Van Gogh was a great-great artist but he used to have big-big problems with selling his works during his life. 
  3. If you use my pictures and you like them, you may want to support me or to purchase some prints or originals.  
  4. If you use my pictures, you probably spread them around in your world. Then some other people may know about them.
  5. I don't like the traditional "professional way of the artist". I want to try something different. I started after 40. I'm different anyhow. 

What can I do with these pictures?

  1. You can download, store, save, copy-paste, share these pictures, etc. 
  2. You can make adjustment, editing, changes in these pictures if you need it.
  3. You can remove the area with my signature if you can't avoid it.
  4. You can print, put on the wall, use in you business, decoration, advertizement, posters, almost everywhere you like.

What are the restrictions?

  1. I ask you not to grab the authorship. 
  2. I ask you not to use my pictures in the illegal way or for illegal purposes.
  3. In case of a doubt, you may send me a note or a question.
  4. If you mention my name in your project, it will please me, of course. Though, you don't have to.

If you like the result of your use

  1. Send me a line of inspiration. I need it.
  2. Share with me some pictures or other info - just to know. I will not blame you even if you double-cross my painting. 
  3. If you feel that my works correlate with your attitude, you can get some original works. I'm open to cooperation.